DSP Series Dynamic Paddle Shifters

Many thousands of satisfied customers already use our Dynamic Paddle Shifters on their Driving Force GT wheel to give them a better driving game experience.


This is our solution to the biggest complaint about an otherwise Excellent Gaming / Driving Sim Steering Wheel, the Logitech Driving Force GT. These shifter paddles install in minutes...

If you own a Logitech Driving Force GT Gaming wheel for PC and PS3 / PS4, you've found the perfect add on to take your Gran Turismo 6, F1 2012 & F1 2013, Need 4 Speed, Dirt2 & Dirt3 and other driving game experience to the next level with the Dynamic Paddle Shifters for Logitech Driving Force GT steering wheels (Steering Wheel NOT INCLUDED).

The Driving Force GT is an incredible wheel, but has one drawback if you prefer to drive with manual gear boxes to increase your control of the cars in and out of corners. The small buttons used for paddle shifting are fine if you don't have the wheel turned sharply, but quickly leave your grasp when pushing the limits into serious corners. It was this limitation of the otherwise excellent gaming wheel that lead to the creation of the Dynamic Paddle Shifters.

These CNC machined paddles require no tools or warranty voiding alterations to your steering wheel. Simply clean the area with the included alcohol pad(s) to remove dirt and oil to ensure a lasting grip for the self adhesive strips. Now you can improve lap times using the cars with manual transmissions without missing gears in those tricky corners!



The DPS-100 is the base model, featuring a fixed distance between the wheel and the paddle. The DPS-200 is an upgraded version of the DPS-100, which features an adjustment for the amount of gap between the wheel and the paddles to make a more personalized fit for your hands. Both the DPS-100 and DPS-200 are available in multiple colors, and are also available made of real carbon fiber.



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