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How to buy:

Simply use the PayPal "Add to cart" button after selecting the product you want.  Clicking the "Add to cart" button will take you to PayPal so you can finish the transaction. Shipping will be added during the Paypal checkout process. 

Can I receive a discount for combined shipping?

Yes!  When you checkout through Paypal now you will notice a shipping discount when multiple sets a shipped to the same addrerss.

How do I install the Dynamic Paddle Shifters on my DFGT wheel?

Click Here to watch the installation video for paddles

How do I install the Carbon Fiber Decal Kits on my DFGT wheel?

See the VIDEOS HERE. (There are Three Videos, View All Three For Large Kit, View first Two for Medium, etc.)








Will Granturgismo Paddles work on other wheels?

Yes! We have had many Driving Force Pro users install these paddles to their wheels even though they were not designed specifically for it. 

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Your order will normally ship the next business day after payment is received.

What are average shipping delivery times?

 Your package will take 2-3 days to leave the U.S. through Chicago . You will be able to track the package until it leaves the U.S. and enters customs. Delivery time varies around the world, most places in Europe you can expect 2-4 weeks, and on a rare occasion 6 -8 weeks. Asia , Africa and Australia average is 3 to 4 weeks and also long delivery would be 6-8 weeks. South America seems slower and the average delivery time of 6-8 weeks and 8-10 weeks sometimes . Each countries customs holding time determines the duration of shipment. I like to know every customer that their shifters arrive safely and you are satisfied with my product . Please join us on the Facebook page Granturgismo if you have not already !

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